An important message for those who knew me as DownstateDemocrat on Daily Kos and Daily Kos Elections

This is Aaron Camp here. As the final day of the 2010’s comes to a close and a new decade begins, it is important to note that, for me, the 2010’s were, for me, defined by my heavy use of Daily Kos, going under the handle DownstateDemocrat on that site, for expressing my political views. However, due to a post that I wrote on Daily Kos that was completely accurate, but drew the ire of many other Daily Kos users, I have been permanently banned from Daily Kos.

I am, and always will be, a controversial person, even within progressive Democratic circles. I’m not afraid to say what I think, even if it pisses people off. I’m certainly not afraid to criticize those I disagree with, even if they’re in the same party as me. However, all publicity is good publicity is not a mantra that the powers to be at Daily Kos really want for their website, and my greatest work at Daily Kos

If Augusta National Golf Club can decide who can and can’t be members of their golf club, then Daily Kos can decide who can and can’t be members of their website. As a result, I will not be seeking reinstatement at Daily Kos, and I strongly discourage anyone from launching any type of movement to reinstate me at Daily Kos.

While Daily Kos can ban me from their website, they can’t ban me from the entire internet. As long as WordPress allows me to host blogs via their service, there will be an Apollo Corner. In fact, in the very near future, I will be launching three new blogs, one for each of my three main passions, which will form the Apollo Corner Trilogy: Apollo Corner Politics, Apollo Corner Sports, and Apollo Corner Writing. Additionally, the main Apollo Corner site will be moving to a new WordPress subdomain due to me needing to register a new email address, although I will be leaving this site online as an archive.

I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and new decade!