About Pete Buttigieg operative Lis Smith paling around with white supremacists

Lis Smith is a key figure in Pete Buttigieg’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. This was an article that Politico Magazine ran on their website earlier this year about Smith’s instrumental role in Pete’s political rise as a presidential candidate, and, long story short, without Smith, Pete would have virtually zero chance of winning our party’s presidential nomination.

It’s no secret that Pete has had serious problems attempting to appeal to black voters, which will be a large segment of the Democratic primary/caucus electorate in 2020. This gives you a general idea of how incredibly tone-deaf Pete is when it comes to issues related to racial equality:

However, Smith might have an even worse record than her boss when it comes to race relations in America. This is a screenshot of an actual tweet that Smith sent out two years ago about white supremacist and former Donald Trump operative Steve Bannon:

I will take this opportunity to remind everyone that Bannon is no political genius. He’s a bona fide white supremacist with deeply-held hatred of people who aren’t like him. Even worse, Bannon has a long history of promoting far-right, white supremacist political movements in the U.S. and in foreign countries.

Smith has also associated herself with Richard Grenell, the white supremacist and U.S. Ambassador to Germany. Short of publicly praising Adolf Hitler, Grenell has done pretty much everything else to alienate German politicians and ruin America’s reputation in Germany. For example, Grenell has made it his mission as ambassador to promote far-right, white supremacist political parties in Europe, violating international law in doing so. Despite all of that, Smith has been praised by Grenell, and Smith even attended Grenell’s going away party, which as also attended by, among others, Donald Trump, Jr. and Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

The fact that a white supremacist like Richard Grenell can find common policy ground with Lis Smith, who is one of Pete Buttigieg’s top political operatives, should alarm anyone who is even considering supporting Pete’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination. You won’t find Elizabeth Warren’s staffers paling around with white supremacists, because Warren understands that social and economic justice are important to making America a more perfect union.