AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first blog post in a recurring series of blog posts, titled Product Review, in which I review various goods and services. The author does not receive payment from any company featured in a Product Review post.

As someone who recently published an eBook, writes this blog, writes DailyKos community posts, and uses multiple social media accounts, I, for the longest of time, had not been able to find a good way to provide all of my links in one place.

I’ve recently discovered a service called Linktree, which is an online service that claims to allow a user to create a page containing links to their websites, social media pages, and other webpages controlled by, or otherwise associated with, the user in question. Linktree has a free service and a paid service called Linktree Pro; as I am using Linktree’s free service, I will review the free service.

For a free online service, Linktree’s free service definitely delivers a very useful service.

Creating a free Linktree page is very easy, especially if you already have an Instagram account. One can create a Linktree account simply by using their Instagram account to log into the service. However, an Instagram account is not a requirement to use Linktree, as anyone with an internet connection can create a Linktree account without having to sign up for Instagram by filling out the registration form.

A Linktree page created using the free service is very simple, yet very resourceful. Here’s my Linktree page, to give everyone a general idea of what a Linktree page looks like. Adding and reordering links from the admin page is very straightforward, especially if you’re using a desktop or laptop computer to do so. Adding a link is as simple as giving your link button a name, then adding the hyperlink. The settings section of the admin page for a free Linktree account doesn’t have a lot of features, but there is the feature to change your profile photo (i.e., avatar), as well as multiple choices for your Linktree page’s theme.

Overall, I give the Linktree free service a Very Favorable rating. I strongly recommend using Linktree if you have a large social media, blog, or other online presence across multiple websites, webpages, and social media platforms.