About that Simone Biles triple-double

There are athletes capable of pulling off great athletic feats. Then there’s Simone Biles, who has single-handedly redefined artistic gymnastics through great athletic ability that has no equal in her sport. Biles won five total medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, four of them gold. Biles holds the record for the most world championships won by any athlete in her sport. By any reasonable standard, Biles is the most successful athlete ever in her sport, regardless of gender.

Last night, Biles became the first woman to pull off a triple-double in her sport, doing so in competition during the U.S. National Gymnastics Championships. By triple-double, I’m referring to a triple-twisting double somersault pass in the floor exercise in artistic gymnastics, which is commonly called gymnastics in the United States, although the International Olympic Committee has a broader definition of “gymnastics” that includes trampoline gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics in addition to artistic gymnastics.

With my lengthy explanation of different forms of gymnastics over, here’s the slow-motion video of the Biles triple-double:

Biles got so much height during the triple-double, she was over the level of NBC’s boom camera and the first several rows of spectators in the arena. There are athletes who live by the Olympic motto of Faster, Higher, Stronger. Then there’s Simone Biles, who is the personification of Faster, Higher, Stronger.