New York Times’s Jonathan Weisman promotes racist trope

I apologize for not writing as many blog posts this month here on Apollo Corner as in past months, but I’ve saved my best blog post of this month for last.

Jonathan Weisman, a Washington, D.C. area-based reporter for The New York Times, promoted a white supremacist trope on Twitter:

As Weisman sees it, only white people who live in rural areas are entitled to the culture and identity of an entire region of this country. That is such a racist trope, I am not going to even consider defending or rationalizing it. Weisman is clearly promoting a disgustingly racist trope that rhetorically erases people of color and people who live in urban areas.

I am an ethnically white, NASCAR-loving guy from the village of Westville, Illinois, which is near quite a bit of beautiful farmland. I also happen to be atheist and openly polysexual. I am, in some ways, a pretty typical person who lives in small-town America and, in other ways, a person who is not typical at all. The Midwest is home to many right-wing racists, but the Midwest is also home to people of many different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religious faiths, and the Midwest is home to many people who believe that the Midwest, and America, can not only exist as a multicultural society, but thrive as a multicultural society. The Midwest is home to large cities, suburban communities, small towns, and rural farmland and ranchland. The Midwest’s strength is in its diversity.