College student gives fantastic speech about how the rich get richer off of the higher education system

Rachel Gonzalez, a college student and a member of the Missouri Democratic Party’s executive committee, gave a fantastic speech yesterday at a “Tax the Rich” event in Washington, D.C. that was organized by the Tax March bus tour. Here is a short clip of Rachel’s speech:

In America, the higher education system in this country is, like a lot of things, a way for the rich to line their pockets at the expense of everyone else, and this results in far too many college students going hungry and/or homeless. What is even worse is that, during Donald Trump’s first two years in the White House, the rich got a giant tax cut that has done nothing to improve the economy, while the rich have continued to get richer, and the poor have continued to get poorer.

That “small loan of a million dollars” line is a reference to Trump, then a presidential candidate, claiming to have built his business empire with “a small loan of a million dollars”. In reality, the “small loan”, which was from his father, the late Fred Trump, was actually a loan of a lot more than a million dollars, but a typical American would not consider a loan of a million dollars to be a small loan. If one were to loan me a million dollars, I’d have to decline the offer, for the mere fact that I would not be able to repay a million-dollar loan!

I’m thankful that people like Rachel are standing up for those who aren’t wealthy and are advocating for policies to improve the lives of poor, working-class, and middle-class Americans.