Alleged love triangle plagues planned fascist rally before it even begins

Omar Navarro, a perennial Republican congressional candidate who has lost twice to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) since 2016, publicly accused his ex-girlfriend of using cocaine and “sleeping with the Proud Boys”, referring to the far-right fascist organization infamous for promoting misogyny and political violence against people of a left-of-center political ideology. The alleged love triangle has resulted in a planned fascist rally in Washington, D.C. tomorrow descending into total chaos before it even begins, with multiple big names in the fascist movement pulling out of the planned rally:

For days, far-right activists and counterprotestors alike have been gearing up for the “Demand Free Speech Rally,” a gathering of right-wingers in Washington, D.C. scheduled to take place on Saturday to protest the deplatforming of various online provocateurs like Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer.

But now, according to The Daily Beast, the plans for the rally have been thrown into chaos due to an alleged love triangle between a gadfly GOP congressional candidate and a far-right men’s group helping to organize the rally.

On Wednesday, Omar Navarro tweeted that his now ex-girlfriend, self-proclaimed “MAGA relationship expert” DeAnna Lorraine, had been doing cocaine and “sleeping with the Proud Boys.” Lorraine denies the drug use allegation.

“I cannot agree with the drug lifestyle they follow,” said Navarro, who denounced the Proud Boys and is now refusing to speak at the event. This comes after Pizzagate conspiracy theorists Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, who were also billed as speaking at the rally, said they will not be attending.


In short, it’s a three-ring soap opera involving fascists.

Remember that a lot of the names you saw in that blockquote, none of whom are elected officials, have more influence over the direction that the Republican Party is going nowadays than the vast majority of Republican elected officials in this country. The fact that they’re divided against themselves because of a cocaine and sex scandal proves that the fascist movement in this country is a complete farce that can’t organize anything without turning it into an embarrassing three-ring soap opera that alienates their own kind.

On a related note, I fundamentally disagree with the ideology of fascism as well, and fascists’ concept of “free speech” can be summarized as free speech for themselves, but not for anyone else, which is not how a democratic society should regard freedom of speech. Also, social media platforms should set rules prohibiting conduct promoting political violence that apply to all that use such platforms.