Severe weather hits my house

At around 4 P.M. CDT earlier today, a supercell thunderstorm passed over the Westville, Illinois area where I live. As a result of that storm, minor hail damage has occurred to my house, including damage to an east-facing window of the house and siding damage on the east-facing wall of an unattached garage. I filed, via Twitter, the following storm report (red box in the image below outlines the storm report in question) with the Lincoln, Illinois National Weather Service (NWS) weather forecast office:

Screenshot of Lincoln, IL National Weather Service website; red box was drawn by the administrator of this blog

To add additional context, this was the tweet I sent the Lincoln, IL NWS Twitter page:

I am physically fine. There was a tornado warning in effect for the area where I live at the time the hail storm occurred, so, as a result, I was in the basement seeking shelter as the hail core of the thunderstorm passed over my area. There was no tornado or wind damage in my area that I’m aware of.

The supercell that passed over the area where I live has caused significant hail damage in Vermilion County and some flooding in Danville, several miles north of where I live.

Status update for this blog

The operation of this blog has not been affected by the storm. Electricity and internet service where I live remained on during the storm and is still on, and no computer equipment was damaged.