Joe Biden completely misreads the American political landscape

At a recent campaign event in Dubuque, Iowa, Joe Biden referred to Donald Trump’s presidency as an aberration:

As Joseph R. Biden Jr. made his way across Iowa on his first trip as a 2020 presidential candidate, the former vice president repeatedly returned to one term — aberration — when he referred to the Trump presidency.

“Limit it to four years,” Mr. Biden pleaded with a ballroom crowd of 600 in the eastern Iowa city of Dubuque. “History will treat this administration’s time as an aberration.”

“This is not the Republican Party,” he added, citing his relationships with “my Republican friends in the House and Senate.”

There is no disagreement among Democrats about the urgency of defeating Mr. Trump. But Mr. Biden’s singular focus on the president as the source of the nation’s ills, while extending an olive branch to Republicans, has exposed a significant fault line in the Democratic primary.


While Trump’s presidency is repulsive and a complete and total disgrace to America, Trump’s presidency is, sadly, not an aberration at all.

If Trump’s presidency were an aberration, he would be in serious danger of losing the Republican nomination to a candidate who would be perceived as more in line with what would be expected of a standard-bearer of the Republican Party. That is not the case at all. While Trump doesn’t have majority support of the entire American electorate, he’s in serious danger of losing the general election to whoever wins the Democratic nomination, and there are some Republicans who are at least occasionally willing to criticize Trump or otherwise refuse to side with Trump on one issue or another, the vast majority of Republicans are completely on board with Trump’s brand of far-right fascist political ideology, and there is virtually zero chance of Trump losing the Republican nomination. The standard-bearer of the Republican Party is Donald Trump, and the modern Republican Party is too far-right and too supportive of white supremacist political ideology to be willing to compromise with even centrist Democrats like Biden, let alone a progressive.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Joe Biden’s political mentality is, more so than his political ideology, way out of line with the polarized nature of modern American politics. Biden’s misread of the American political landscape is not as bad as, for example, Joe Crowley completely misreading the Democratic primary electorate in the 14th Congressional District of New York, which led to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over Crowley last year, but it’s a serious misread of the American political landscape by Biden.