Donald Trump has no sense of humanity

In 1954, during the Army-McCarthy hearings that focused on McCarthy’s political witchhunt against the U.S. Army, then-U.S. Army counsel Joseph Welch famously asked then-U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI), “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Now, we don’t even need to ask whether or not the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, has a sense of humanity, let alone a sense of decency, since he lacks both.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post wrote earlier today about how U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation signals that white supremacist Stephen Miller has consolidated power within the Trump Administration in regards to immigration, and that Trump wants even more draconian anti-immigrant policies implemented, even if that means violating the law to do so.

Let me take this opportunity to explain how horrific Nielsen’s record was as Homeland Security Secretary. Nielsen helped implement the so-called “zero tolerance” policy that led to migrant families, families who were fleeing despair in their homelands and seeking a better life here in America, being forcibly separated at the border, with children being forcibly separated from their parents. To give you a general idea of how inhumane, disgusting, barbaric, and creepy the policies that Nielsen helped implement are, officials lost track of families that were separated at the border, but kept detailed spreadsheets of the pregnancies and menstrual cycles of imprisoned immigrant girls.

I will never forgive Nielsen for helping implement the family separation policies. However, it is important to note that Nielsen resigned because there were limits to her willingness to implement barbaric policies, and this paragraph of an article in The New York Times should alarm everyone with a sense of humanity:

The president called Ms. Nielsen at home early in the mornings to demand that she take action to stop migrants from entering the country, including doing things that were clearly illegal, such as blocking all migrants from seeking asylum. She repeatedly noted the limitations imposed on her department by federal laws, court settlements and international obligations.


Let me make this as blunt as possible. President Donald Trump wants to violate the law by implementing a policy banning immigrants to this country from seeking asylum. That proposed policy is not only illegal, it is fundamentally anti-American. America should be welcoming those fleeing war, poverty, and despair in their homelands who want to make a better life for themselves and others here in America.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation should be recognized as a flashpoint in this country’s history. If the American people do not speak up now, we will likely end up with Donald Trump, who has no sense of humanity whatsoever, being able to completely close the U.S.-Mexico border, completely ban many forms of immigration to the United States, and implement other extreme anti-immigrant measures, even if it’s illegal to do all of that. What Trump wants to do is fundamentally against American values.