Fraser Anning statement on New Zealand mosque attacks is shockingly bigoted and repulsive

Here in America, there are a lot of members of our national legislature, the U.S. Congress, who have extremely bigoted views towards the Muslim community. However, even the worst of the worst when it comes to Islamophobic American politicians probably wouldn’t issue a statement as repulsive as the one that Fraser Anning, a member of the Australian Senate from Queensland, issued in response to the recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by white supremacists at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand:

The author of this blog post regards the content of this statement by Australian Senator Fraser Anning to be extremely offensive to the Muslim community in New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere in the world.

That is an actual statement from a member of the Australian Senate, and, to say the least, it might be the most repulsive statement I have ever seen from an elected official in a strongly democratic country.

Anning’s statement was, in short, victim-blaming of the worst kind. Anning blamed victims of terrorist attacks for the violence that was perpetrated against them. Furthermore, Anning used a ton of Islamophobic tropes in an attempt to associate the entire Muslim community with Islamic fundamentalist terrorism; while terrorism of any form should be strongly condemned, the truth is that only a small percentage of the world’s Muslims are terrorists or members of terror groups. Additionally, Anning claimed that the truth about the Christchurch terror attacks was “nonsense” from “left-wing politicians and the media”.

That statement from Frasier Anning is shockingly bigoted and repulsive, and that type of rhetoric should have no place in modern society.

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