“…the weirdest Trump speech I’ve ever heard” -Daniel Dale

Earlier today, Republican President Donald Trump addressed attendees at the far-right Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual far-right political conference. Trump spoke for approximately two hours, in the longest speech he’s ever given during his presidency so far, and not only was it a long speech, it was completely bonkers. In fact, Daniel Dale, a journalist for the Canada-based Toronto Star newspaper who is best-regarded for his use of Twitter to fact-check Trump speeches in real time, called Trump’s speech “the weirdest Trump speech I’ve ever heard”:

This is a pretty good summary of Trump’s completely bonkers CPAC speech.

Here are just a few instances of Trump spewing total lies at CPAC:

I’m not going to post every single tweet of Daniel Dale’s thread on here, nor am I going to post a video of Trump’s CPAC speech (I haven’t even watched an actual video of Trump’s speech, although I’ve read Dale’s entire thread of his account of Trump’s speech), but Trump’s speech at this year’s CPAC was two hours of far-right insanity, to put it mildly. Just by reading Dale’s tweets about the Trump speech, it is a detailed and chilling account of the far-right cult of personality that Trump has cultivated.